Loaded Dice ~ No Sweat


Hey power pop fans. I have been given the rights to re-issue this classic lost Australian album from 1979 onto CD for the first time. This is a truely hard to get LP down here and it’s finally see’s the light of day again. Great catchy little power pop rock songs with Beatlesque harmonies… take a listen to the post below and if you dig it.. then order it.. it really is a cool CD. Nice booklet included with history about the band and I have added their 3rd single which was never released as a bonus.

more info at www.zerohourrecords.com.au

4 thoughts on “Loaded Dice ~ No Sweat

  1. Just gazing thru your site for a gander…Brings back memories of the “Overflow” and those slightly hazy nights a few of us used to have…
    Thanks for reminding me…we lose time and moments all too often

    Cheers n Beers


  2. OH YEAH!! Thanks for doing a reissue – one less favourite vinyl album for me to do the fiddly digitising thingy with!!
    What a GREAT band – do you know what happened to the guys after the band broke up? Would love to get back in touch with them – such a great bunch of blokes! Friendly, down to earth, talented!!

  3. Hey Marty!!!! Glad you’re all doing well…perhaps some of you might remember me…was a big fan of the band – even fed your cat when you were touring Sydney(can’t remember its name but I think my friend, Liz, used to call it Video)

    Paisley (aka Mindi – from Melbourne – way back then…)

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